It is indeed a pleasure for me to welcome you to Regional Institute of Management.

The world needs leaders who take as much pride and demonstrate equal passion in being team members as in being leaders. People who are ready for greatest of tasks and decisions but will not be found wanting if they have to take up smallest of tasks that contributes towards what they stand for.

We offer to our nation and our world, a business school with a difference- where career building is paramount but even more important is character building. A school, where the students shall learn to care, share and dare. Where high salaries and best of organisations will be sought and achieved for employment, but only if they align with values and objectives of the students and to achieve greater ambitions of serving the society and the world.

Where the students deliver presentations in air-conditioned conference rooms but also take on field research projects in sweltering sun and Corporate Social Responsibility projects for the less privileged without a conditioned mind.

Where 'business' comes after 'school'.

On our team are people who share the high values that we seek to inculcate in our students. These people from the best of academic institutions and corporates around the world bring decades of experience to our students and shall be our leading lights.

Here is Regional Institute of Management, a unique initiative by IIM-XLRI alumni to bring quality management education to our students.

Welcome to this journey towards Creating Global Leaders that we at Regional Institute of Management would like to undertake with you