Regional Institute of Management


Ragging is absolutely banned in the campus. Definition of Ragging provided by the Honorable Supreme Court of India includes "ragging as any act which violates the dignity of the individual student or is perceived to violate his/her dignity". The ragging is neither a means of familiarization nor an introduction with fresher’s but a form of psychopathic behavior and a reflection of deviant personalities. It reproduces the entrenched power configurations prevalent in civil society. Raging can be either of the following forms or the acts:-

  • Addressing a colleague student as "SIR"
  • Forcing the junior colleague to serve snacks or meals under duress.
  • Making juniors to forcefully sing a song, running in the ground, abuse other colleague etc.
  • To unrest the students and force him/her to display physical feats with or without the presence of the students.
  • Forcefully asking the junior colleague to obey the command of the seniors.
  • To pose as a Joker amongst the gathering of the colleagues.
  • Making the junior bereft of the attending/studying in the class or stop him/her for taking meals.
  • To harass or cut jokes under duress.
  • Any other indulgence intimidating the rightful liberty of any student can be termed as an act of RAGGING