Format for Mandatory Disclosure

  • No Student can claim admission as all rights of admission to hostel are reserved with the Director.

  • Rooms will be allotted by the warden according to the plan prepared by the Director/Warden(s) in the beginning of the session.

  • Vacant accommodation shall be assigned to students in order of their admission to the Institute.

  • Allotment of hostel seats will be for full academic year, in case the resident wants to leave the hostel in the middle of the academic year he/she shall pay the hostel charges for the full academic year.

  • Admission shall be sought afresh in every academic session. A student may be refused admission without assigning reason.

  • Institute reserves the right to move hostel resident from one room to another if need arises.


  • The management will view any activity of the inmates observed to the prejudicial and detrimental to the smooth and peaceful functioning of the Institute's Hostel seriously and disciplinary action will be taken against those found guilty.

  • Living in a hostel pre-supposes a high degree of integrity and consciousness as a member of a community. It entails a moral responsibility upon a resident to : � See that no damage is done to hostel property. � Make every effort for peaceful co-existence. � Observe all hostel rules meticulously in letter and spirit.

  • Residents should be properly dressed while going to common room, during hall and hostel office.

  • Hostel residents are prohibited from climbing over the fencing and boundary walls to get in or out of the Hostel/Institute.

  • Hostel residents are not allowed to change rooms and transfer any furniture from one room to another room without the prior permission of the hostel warden.

  • Any damage to Hostel / Institute property must be reported immediately to the hostel warden. Residents will be charged for all damages due to negligence on their part.

  • Smoking, consumption of alcoholic drinks, drugs and any other intoxicating substances are strictly prohibited. Any resident, if found indulging in such practices, shall be fined heavily and will be asked to vacate the hostel without any notice.

  • Acts of indiscipline, misbehavior, gambling, or possession of weapons in the hostel premises including rooms shall be severely dealt with. A resident guilty of any of these violations shall be liable to expulsion or any other punishment deemed fit by the Institute.

  • Residents shall keep the identity cards with them and will be present these on demand by the authorities.

  • Any form of ragging is strictly prohibited, any violation may lead to expulsion or any other punishment deemed fit by the Institute.

3. MESS :-

  • All residents shall have their meals in the hostel's dining hall. They are not allowed to take food or mess utensils to their rooms.

  • Residents are not allowed to enter the kitchen.

  • Cooking in the hostel rooms is strictly prohibited.

  • Complaints, if any, against the conduct of the contractors / servants or quality of food may be made by the residents to the Wardens through a member of mess committee. No complaint about mess/canteen etc. shall be entertained if the complainant himself is a defaulter.


  • it is obligatory on the part of the resident to be present in the hostel on all days except when they go home with the permission of the Warden.

  • Attendance of boys as well as girls in their respective hostel shall be taken everyday at the time fixed by the respective wardens. Any resident not present at the time of attendance shall be liable to be marked absent for that day for which he / she should have prior permission or sufficient explanation.

  • All residents shall under all circumstances fill night out slips and seek permission of the concerned warden about their absence from the hostel whenever they go home. They must also report to the warden and record their departure / arrival in the movement register.


  • All visitors must make entry in the visitor's register at the security post and provide all details as request by guard before entering the campus.

  • Normally no guests shall be allowed to stay with the resident in the hostel. However, under exceptional circumstances, a relative of the resident may be allowed to stay with the consent and permission of the warden for one night only. The presence of all such guests shall be entered in the guest register and a stay charge of Rs.200/- and mess charge @ Rs.75/- per meal shall be chargeable. It swill be the responsibility of the resident to ensure than the guest does not create.

  • Residents are not permitted to allow visitors of the opposite sex into their rooms at any time for any reason.


  • Hostel charges shall be paid in two installments-one at the time of admission and second in the beginning of the second semester

  • Mess charges are payable bimonthly in advance.

  • Residents getting admission to hostel at any time during the month will be charged full fee for the month. The securities will stand lapsed after one year of leaving the hostel.

  • In case of non-payment of dues in time or violation of any hostel rule by a resident, the Warden may get his/her room locked or opened for possession without any liability whatsoever. The belongings shall be transferred to the store. If the dues are not cleared within one month of the taking of possession of the room, he/she shall have no claim, whatsoever, for his belongings.


  • For the proper democratic functioning of the hostels, several committees such as, common room committee, mess committee, discipline committee, sports committee, etc. will be formed in hostel. The committee will work closely and in full cooperation and coordination with the Warden to enhance the image of each hostel. These committees will also make new suggestions to the administration for further improvement in the hostels and ensure proper discipline and decorum.

  • The administration will not be responsible for any loss/damage of private property such as cash/ mobile phone/scooter/motorcycle/car and other valuables. The residents are advised to get their vehicles insured against loss. Theft and fire.

  • All rooms including almirahs and belongings are open to inspection by the Director/Warden(s) at any time.

  • Misuse of electricity, water and other facilities will be liable for penalty.

  • The telephone is meant for office use only. However, the residents may receive/make local calls during the timings fixed by the authorities from time to time.

  • Residents shall see the Director/Wardens in the office during the fixed hours. In case of emergency, the Chowkidar on duty should be sent to the Director/Warden' residence.

  • The hostels (including messes/canteens and Common Rooms) shall close during vacations for a period to be specified by the Director. The residents will vacate the hostel rooms within 96 hours of termination of their examination. A fine of Rs.100/- per day will be charged for overstaying for the next seven days. In case hostel authorities till the possession of the room is handed over/taken over and fine of Rs.200/- per day will be charged.

  • Before leaving the hostel, every resident shall obtain clearance from the Warden and personally hand over the charge of the room and hostel property to the authority concerned.

  • Any violation of rules and regulations will be subject to strict disciplinary action and parents of the ward will be informed accordingly. Disciplinary action may take the form of any or all of the following penalties in accordance with the nature and seriousness of the offence.

    • Payment for the repair or replacement of the article(s) damaged;

    • Suspension from the hostels for a specified period of time; or Expulsion from the hostel.

    Residents found violating any hostel rule are liable to be evicted from the hostel within 24 hours; any remaining rental and deposit will be forfeited. Order/decision notified from time to time, by the Director/Warden, will be binding on the residents.